Tony Ortega: Self Publishing Hack

Self publishing truly is the last bastion of the lazy, otherwise unpublishable writer. Perhaps this is why Tony Ortega chose to peddle his “new book” is this way. What better way to tell the world, ‘my ideas are tired and my made-up conspiracy theories are nothing more than rehashed copies of the same garbage I’ve been peddling for years.’

Tony Ortega’s latest book (and we’re being generous here by calling it a ‘book’) consists, as his blurb on Amazon ridiculously claims, of 33 cut-and-paste articles and over 50 photos recycled directly from Ortega’s infamous hate blog. The fact that there are significantly more photos than articles must surely tell you something about the merits of Ortega’s writing.

Weirdly, the ‘book’ is listed as coming in at 360+ pages long, whatever that means. (Maybe it’s a wink to the fact that Ortega seems to have a new lie for every day of the year?)

It would be amusing to see try-hard Ortega trotting out his warmed-over hit pieces if it weren’t for the sad desperation of it all.

Poor Tony Ortega who was soundly dismissed by readers and literary critics alike for his first book of ‘original’ writing has apparently decided that doing actual research and shoe-leather journalism is too hard (to say nothing of the near impossible task of finding a bona fide publishing house willing to put its name behind Tony Ortega’s unique brand of hysterical intolerance.)

That really should say it all shouldn’t it? If no self-respecting editor is willing to give Ortega a second glance why on earth should anyone else?

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