Tony Ortega: Small Mind, Small Heart

Recently we covered the embarrassing series of mock attacks made by failed, basement-dwelling blogger Tony Ortega on the charitable work Scientology has embarked upon in the days and weeks since hurricane Dorian leveled the Bahamas.

Readers will remember how Tony Ortega, with his idiotic bravado-fueled confidence, laughed at the very idea Scientology would send teams of volunteers to aid in the massive humanitarian cleanup effort.

When he was shown to be a liar, Ortega, ever the slipper eel, changed tact and admitted Scientology aid workers had arrived but complained that he personally had no proof they were handing out water and other essentials.

Bear in mind here, Tony Ortega is making these judgmental pronouncements without evidence and, perhaps most hypocritically, without once lifting a finger himself to help.

Well, just the other day Tony Ortega changed his position once again on the matter, as he took to Twitter (the only platform willing to publish his unhinged rants) to offer up a fresh hot take.

We will spare you, Tony Ortega’s rambling blogspam verbatim and paraphrase the basic gist of what has him so bent out of shape today: ‘Sure they are mobilizing people… And helping with water and food… but why are they sending yachts when they could send cruise ships?’

Setting aside the tone-deaf hubris of such an asinine statement (it is Tony Ortega, after all) take a closer look at the progression of his predictably ludicrous argument.

First complaint: They won’t show up. When they do: They won’t give aid. When aid is provided: Why didn’t they use a bigger boat!??

From anyone else such stupidity would be absolutely confounding. Coming from the mouth of Tony Ortega, however, it’s just another example of his uncharitable, narrow-minded, small-heartedness.

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