Tony Ortega: Soft Target Bully


It remains interesting, as we move into another week of Tony Ortega’s newly launched ‘attack on Jehovah Witnesses’, how little has changed since Tony ran out of lies to try and smear Scientology with.

The approach remains to cherrypick individual cases of tragedy and try to apply them to whole. As he did last year when spilling so much ink over a suicide which Ortega was attempting to claim occurred because of the individual’s connection to the religion.

It’s one of Ortega’s oldest tricks: Because the person was connected to Scientology, clearly Scientology must be responsible. But ask yourself, would any reasonable person make that argument if it happened to be an Anglican or a Presbyterian or a Jew? It wouldn’t even get reported as news. And yet if the death occurs within a religion like Scientology (or Ortega’s new favorite whipping boy, the Jehovah’s Witnesses) suddenly it becomes headline news over at Tony Ortega’s blog and all sorts of nefarious implications are raised by connection.

At the very least this is irresponsible journalism, granted that he is far from being a real journalist, and appalling use of the scientific method. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that when Ortega and his anti-religion band of brigands get called out by sociologists he jumps to call them shills and quacks, despite the lack of quantitative data to dispute the claims of the social scientist in question.

But Ortega and his fans don’t care about science or truth and they never have. They just get off on bullying Scientologists (and lately Jehovah’s Witnesses) since they’re such safe targets. Ortega will never have the nerve to stand up and attack or belittle Islam the way he does Scientology even though he wears his disdain for both —indeed all —religions on his sleeve. And that speaks volumes as to his utter lack of character and class.

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