Tony Ortega Still Can’t Silence Experts on Child Sex Trafficking

Checking back in on the ongoing nightmare caused by the child sex traffickers at Backpage. This of course, is the same organization Tony Ortega would routinely shill for, often attacking the very victims and their advocates.

Only months ago, infamous sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein made news after he was re-arrested and awaiting trial when he commit suicide. Though that particular news story doesn’t directly relate to the hateful work Tony Ortega endorsed as chief propagandist for Backpage, it has nonetheless re-introduced the topic to people across the country.

In all of this it easy to lose sight of just how vile child sex trafficking can be. Tony Ortega may run a bully pulpit over on his execrable Twitter site, attempting to keep any and all talk of child sex trafficking from reaching your ears but we here on the blog (unsurprisingly) take a very dim view of Tony’s attempts to silence the subject.

We think it’s best to let the experts talk and as such have linked the following story as told by Brad Myles, CEO of the sex trafficking advocacy group Polaris, as he discusses the imbalance of power inherent in human trafficking.

Tony Ortega would be well advised to pay close attention. This is the very child sex slavery market he personally worked to promote!

See the damning video here:

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