Tony Ortega: Textbook Hate Speech

Recently an expert analyzed Tony Ortega’s blog and made some startling conclusions. (Though, we rather suspect that if you are a reader of this blog hearing expert analysis on Tony’s crackpottery will come as little surprise.)

The expert found that many of the comments on Ortega’s blog are repetitive and serve no purpose other than to pump up his posting stats. Indeed, in some cases it appears that several comments look to be from the same individual posting under multiple identities in an attempt to ‘game’ the analytics.

The great majority of the articles and comments found on Tony’s blog are filled with hatred and bigotry. They are often aggressive and crass, seeking to antagonize rather than educate. To that point, the expert also discovered that anyone even slightly critical of Tony Ortega or his cadre of low-life associates is quickly labeled a “spy” or “troll” for the Scientology, effectively stifling anything resembling a real dialogue on the subject.

Case in point: any negative statement about Scientology or Scientologists is immediately accepted as ‘truth,’ while any suggestion that is even mildly ‘positive’ is immediately challenged as ‘false’ or biased.

One can’t help but wonder, who is truly the biased one here, when all critical thinking is discouraged by the tone Tony Ortega imposes. It is almost laughable hypocritical that while Tony describes himself as a skeptic, he applies zero critical thinking or skepticism to his own writings and those of his followers.

This wrongly-held assumption that ‘Tony Ortega is never wrong’ becomes a real public safety concern because Tony Ortega will often post photos of private people (i.e.: everyday Scientologists) in direct volition of their right to privacy. This is a classic intimidation tactic, one which is especially disturbing as Ortega frequently features children, including young children in this hate-filled exposés.

The expert concluded that Tony Ortega’s blog is not one suitable blog for serious discussion on religious topics. It is textbook ‘hate speech,’ for the same reason Stormfront is ‘hate speech’. Namely, because it is based on same vitriolic rhetoric at play in his comments section even as it demonstrates a clear lack of evidence regarding in its inflammatory allegations. Furthermore it trades in the demonization, both in text and artwork, of Scientologists. Frighteningly, it bares an eerie similarity to hateful caricatures of Jews and African Americans used by bigots to denigrate and mock those people groups.

Tony Ortega does little to discourage such hate speech. In fact, as experts agree, Ortega actively condones and encourages it.

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