Tony Ortega: The Cult Leader

Tony Ortega is an unemployed blogger wannabe with an ethically compromised wife (Arielle Silverstein) who, by her own admission, has developed a chemical dependence on hard, mind-altering prescription drugs.

It’s little wonder then that we find Tony Ortega lashing out in blind impotent rage as often as he does.  He’s an emotional toddler who can’t use big boy words to express his own inadequacy, so he projects his own failure upon others and tries to tear them down. Maybe that is why Tony Ortega is so keen to surround himself with a scattered army of narrow-minded yes men, ready to “ditto” and retweet his every bigoted opinion.

This is the mentality which informs the obviously biased tribalism of what Tony Ortega and his followers call the “anti-cult” movement.

Ironically, it is exactly this type of unthinking tribalism which makes Tony Ortega and his cohort of incoherent copycats look and act so much like a real cult to anyone looking at it from the outside.

In effect, Tony Ortega’s so called “anti-cult” movement is really nothing more than a tightly controlled tribal belief system which radicalizes losers and unites them in their hatred of religion of any sort. And this is what we’ve been seeing with Tony Ortega’s imagined “anti” movement.

Their impotent attempts to delegitimize the systems of belief they reject serve to reinforce the underlying belief in the infallible ‘rightness’ of their mission. What Tony Ortega has created is really nothing more than a giant self-affirming feedback loop which cannot stand the slightest skeptical engagement, let alone honest criticism of any kind.

Indeed, to challenge the authority of the movement’s self-proclaimed expert, Tony Ortega, is nothing short of sacrilegious.

In the end, this is precisely what makes the “anti” crowd a cult and Tony Ortega its leader.

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