Tony Ortega The New Times Liar

Tony Ortega’s early days at the New Times

Unemployed blogger Tony Ortega might falsely claim these days to be a journalist “At-Large”, but the fact of the matter is that even when he had an actual paying job, Tony Ortega was nothing more than a liar.

Remember early in Tony Ortega’s so-called career, back when he was editor of the poor excuse for an “alt” local paper, the Broward New Times? Perhaps in Ortega’s mind the “alt” was short for “alternative facts”.  Judging from Tony Ortega’s commitment to truthful reporting, the work he published leaned so much on “alternative fact” it was practically an alternate reality.

There was, of course, the time Ortega published a story a scam artist posing as a reporter brought him about a man who allegedly had married his own daughter. Tony Ortega, who has long been known to conduct nothing in the way of due diligence to confirm the specifics of his stories, couldn’t wait to rush this libelous defamation to the presses for immediate publication.

There was only one slight problem with Tony Ortega’s little plan: the man hadn’t married his own daughter. Given that the “journalist” who had sold Ortega the story in the first place was almost as big a liar as Tony “Alternative Facts” Ortega himself there was little surprise from anyone when the whole messy affair wound up blowing up right in Broward New Times’s face.

That whole debacle didn’t go so well for him.

Still, Tony Ortega’s appetite for schlocky tabloid fiction had to be satisfied. He had plenty more lies to tell and he wasn’t about to let one very public black eye slow him down.

Writing under a pseudonym for  New Times LA, Tony Ortega had earlier claimed that two teenaged girls who had been brutally raped were making plans to capitalize on their misfortune by starring in a reality TV show about it. The girls were real but the plans and the TV show were pure Ortega invention, as was a later fictional retraction where he – this time writing as an editor – apologized for the story and claimed the writer had been fired.

More lies and amateurish stunts from fake “would-be” journalist Tony Ortega – a liar who couldn’t produce “verifiable fact-based reporting” if his whole career depended on it.

But then, Tony Ortega’s career has never depended on fact.

From the beginning his career has always depended on a gullible, uniformed audience unable to tell fact from fiction.

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