The Obsessive Blogger

On December 7, 2000, Tony Ortega wrote an article for the New Times L.A. entitled Sex, Spies & Videotape where he tried to discredit experts on the subject of MK-Ultra. A reader wrote to the paper and said:

“Besides Tony Ortega’s lack of objectivity, his story of MK-Ultra is inaccurate and misleading.” The writer then gave a detailed account of how Ortega got it all wrong and was writing on a subject of which he knew nothing.

This is just one example of manufactured controversy designed by Tony Ortega to generate public confusion, a tactic he has employed since the first day he dared to call himself a journalist. His style of blogging is entirely devoted to discrediting individuals and organizations with the intended objective of building ill repute against targeted subjects. Ortega cherry-picks stories to cast certain subjects or people in their most negative light. Representing himself as an “independent news source,” he gives his readers the false sense that his blogging is balanced and above the fray, offering the stories he claims that “Big Media” is too afraid to publish. In truth, he is merely an obsessed propagandist-zealot.

If you don’t think Ortega’s railing against Scientology falls into the category of an unhealthy obsession, consider why “Big Media” is not interested in Ortega’s blogs; he isn’t capable of writing a rational, unbiased piece.

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