Tony Ortega & the Royal Wedding Debacle

We talk a lot here on the blog about Tony Ortega’s crimes against journalism and let’s face it, we have more than our fair share of damning examples to choose from. Whether writing fabricated stories under a false name about rape victims getting their own TV show or being an all too willing stooge for kiddie pimps James Larkin and Michael Lacey of Backpage infamy, Tony Ortega’s enthusiasm for cheap fiction and tawdry sensationalism seems to know no bound.

That said, today we have a whopper of a story, recently unearthed from the archives which we feel is worth sharing if only to underscore Ortega’s well-earned status as the king of hack “journalism”.

You may remember back when Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton were about to get married. News of the approaching wedding dominated the news, even here on this side of the pond. What you’ll be forgiven for forgetting, however, was that royal wedding plans were briefly disrupted when an explosive bombshell story made headlines – Westminster Abbey, planned site for the nuptials, “desecrated” by an illegal wedding between an American businessman and his own daughter.

As a Palace spokesman explained: “Fortunately, the story turned out to be complete hogwash… An investigation revealed that the source of the story was an American weekly tabloid, which at the time was edited by someone with a long history of this kind of hoax.”

Wait a second… American tabloid? Long history of hoaxes? Smear hit-job? If you’re thinking this is starting to sound like the handiwork of someone we know you are on the right track.

The spokesman referred by name to Tony Ortega, who was then employed (how odd it is to see this word applied to Ortega) by the Village Voice. Of course the hoax in question flowed from Tony Ortega’s poison pen. Alleging that billionaire hedge fund manager, Bruce McMahan, had married his daughter in a ceremony at the historic Abbey and throwing the potential royal line of succession into question is just about the most Ortega-fever dream sensationalism we can imagine.

You have to hand it to Tony Ortega, the man knows how to lie big to get attention.

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