Tony Ortega: Thin-skinned Hack

It’s one of the weird paradoxes of Tony Ortega – for someone so perpetually hostile and offensive, his skin is surprisingly thin when anyone deigns to criticize him. He gets especially petulant anytime his credentials and credibility are questioned. (And for a guy like Ortega this must certainly happen a lot!)

We hinted in a previous article about the last time Tony Ortega found himself subpoenaed to testify under oath. It had to do with a fake incest story the Village Voice had run about a billionaire named Bruce McMahan.

When Wikipedia deleted a self-promoting article Tony Ortega had attempted to insert on Wiki’s site about his McMahan fable, he complained an insightful candor we’re not used to seeing from Ortega that “According to one of their minions, I’m a ‘hack.’”

Then in 2010, Louis Black, editor of The Austin Chronicle, criticized some unnamed “alternative” publications for pursuing a more commercial direction. Ortega took it personally, firing one of his signature rabid attack-dog pieces back at Black. As Ortega writes, with the wounded ego of a snubbed 13yr old girl: “It’s pretty clear that you’re talking about my company when you deride ‘alternatives’ becoming far less alternative and ‘specialize’ in ‘gotcha’ journalism.” 

Ridiculously, Ortega then goes on to lists the small time awards his editorial staff had collected with the pride of a 1950s hausfrau breaking out her children’s ribbons from the local 4H livestock show. 

As if to underline his imagined tough-guy bona fides, Ortega concludes: “Just sayin’.  I look forward to reading your next installment about what a hack I am.”

All of your false bravado and indignant protests won’t change the facts, Tony. Wikipedia knows it. The Austin Chronicle knows it. And now the rest of us know it too. You always have been and always will be nothing more than a hack. Just sayin’.

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