Tony Ortega Throwing Stones At Camp Fire Aid Workers

If it’s one thing we’ve learn about Tony Ortega it’s that any chance he has to smear Scientology over at The Tony Ortega Blog Bunker is one he’s going to try and make the most of.

In recent weeks two main fires in California, the Camp Fire that destroyed most of the town of Paradise in Northern California and the Woolsey Fire in the south that destroyed over 1,500 structures in Ventura and Los Angeles before it was contained.

As happens in the wake of such disasters Scientology was among the first on the ground offering their services through the Volunteer Ministers. Kirstie Alley recorded a call to actionto encourage Scientologists to volunteer to help victims of the Camp Fire. Tony Ortega, who for the record has done absolutely nothing to help the victims of this terrible disaster, complains that this is just another ‘publicity stunt’ performed by Scientology. The fact that they are out there actually giving assistance to the dispossessed and providing food for the firefighters is simply beside the point from Tony’s twisted point of view.

Tony Ortega’s contribution to the pain and suffering of those involved in these fires is to sit comfortably in his basement, throwing stones at people trying to make a difference.

Ortega’s sums up his own hot take on the situation on his blog this way:

“Scientologists are being asked to volunteer in large numbers because there are reports that relief organizations want assists, faith-healing routines created by L. Ron Hubbard to address a wide variety of conditions. The call is going out for volunteers in the hundreds, but the response is in the dozens. We take the stories that everybody wants Scientology assists with a grain of salt.”

As Scientologists continue to mobilize to offer assistance. Tony Ortega sits on his hands, clucking his tongue and warning to his readers to take any discussion of Scientology alleviating human suffering ‘with a grain of salt’.

The proof is in the pudding Tony. Scientologists are showing up to help in whatever way they can. Why aren’t you, or should we take your decision to rest up and cast dispersions on those willing to lend a hand in a time of need with a grain of salt too?

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