Tony Ortega: Twitter Pimp

Well Tony Ortega started off the New Year with a shotgun blast of Twitter posts on the first day of 2019. Most of his wild posting streak, replete with enough ridiculous heart emojis to make a tween girl roll her eyes in embarrassment, were little more than thinly veiled suck-up attempts to ingratiate himself with Leah Remini and her dark cabal of producers.

So blatant were his attempts to curry favor that they can really only be interpreted as a desperate pleas for the one thing in Ortega’s inauspicious career that has eluded him the most: an actual paycheck.

Consider the representative post below in which “professional serious journalist” Tony Ortega prostrates himself to such a degree that he ludicrously hypes the Irish premier of Leah’s failing show.

Bear in mind Tony Ortega is in no way affiliated with the the production, let alone the promotion of this emotionally manipulative propaganda team responsible for its creation. This is wholly an act of shameless salesmanship. “Professional serious Journalist” Tony Ortega is so hungry to get paid he’s willing to pimp out his Twitter (for free!) in the hopes that one day his phone might ring with a job offer on a dying show. That just about says it all about Tony Ortega.

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