Tony Ortega: Unreliable, Unbelievable and Utterly Unemployable

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about Tony Ortega’s unquestioned obsession with Scientology over the past few months. The focus of the majority of these questions tend to revolve around a now-familiar theme: if Tony Ortega’s bigotry and hatred are what drive him how can any of us believe a word he says? Our sentiments exactly.

Tony Ortega’s obsession with Scientology makes him an unreliable source at best, and a willful propagandist hell-bent on smearing, slandering and libeling anyone who he disagrees with at worst. (And the longer you observe Tony Ortega and his practices the more decidedly it looks like the latter.)

Unemployed for years now, these days Tony Ortega stalks and harasses Scientologists who refuse to buy into his lies. Even his highly suspicious wife, Arielle Silverstein, about whom we have reported on to you about previously, helps him out with the research while working for the United Nations – indeed many have been saying that she regularly feeds him tips in her capacity as an official UN employee.

Readers of this blog will remember Arielle Silverstein was part of a cover up of the UN French troops raping children in North Africa by delaying the appeal of a UN employee who was in the process of blowing the whistle on the shady cover up. Of course, much like the complicit role Tony Ortega played in refusing to acknowledge the Backpage sex trafficking scandal of his former bosses who ran the operation, here too Ortega flatly refused to say one word against children getting raped.

Tony Ortega has a curious habit of missing the real stories right under his nose because of his pervasive, blinding obsession with Scientology. In fact, the online news source Observer pointed out this very fact in their article on why Tony Ortega was fired from the Village Voice, stating:

“The Village Voice’s EIC Tony Ortega announced in a blog post today that he is leaving the troubled alt-weekly to “pursue a book proposal about Scientology in its time of crisis.” Mr. Ortega attributed his departure to a desire to turn his “465 blog posts about Scientology” into a book that prompted him to make the jump, but sources with knowledge of the situation tell The Observer Mr. Ortega’s exit from the Voice was not his decision.  Though writing about Scientology may be Mr. Ortega’s life preserver, a former staffer told us his relentless pursuit of scoops on the controversial church may have been a distraction during his final months at the paper. “He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of his editorial duties at the paper,” the ex-staffer said. “Sometimes he wouldn’t even edit features.”

And there we have it. In the final analysis, Tony Ortega’s obsession have rendered him unreliable, unbelievable and, according to former bosses, utterly unemployable.

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