Tony Ortega Update

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We have it on good authority that Tony Ortega is still unemployed and spends most of his days at home.

Prior to the lockdown we heard he occasionally went out for a bike ride and that was the entirety of his physical activity. It would seem Ortega’s routine bears scant difference to his pre-lockdown schedule. Such is the life of a layabout freeloader.

We’ve also learned that Arielle Silverstein continues to be the sole bread winner of the household. Even if the obvious questions still circulate through Tony Ortega’s neighborhood as to how they can afford paying the mortgage with two kids in private school and only one person working in the family.

Some neighbor told us further, that many of the stories we’ve helped break about Ortega’s penchant for sensational fake news is something of an open secret among his acquaintances. We’re told that some people on his street don’t interact much with him because they know he is the bozo from California.

Indeed, certain neighbors call Ortega “the unemployed moocher” living off his wife. Sounds like a decent assessment to us.

We’ve even heard that they appreciated reading the recent updates on Ortega’s wife, Arielle Silverstein. We’re told that when neighbors read about what she’s been up to, and her hate speech against religions, not only were they understandably disgusted, but many voiced concerns that the couple was clearly a danger and a menace. We can’t disagree there either.

We concur with our Scarsdale readers who see Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein as being utterly clueless as to what really goes on around the world. Ortega and Silverstein trust in their narrow-minded understanding because they are blinded by their obsession and bigotry.

The fact is Tony Ortega has never lifted a finger to help anyone, thus he despises people that help one another. His happiness depends on finding faults in others. Especially those who help others out of a sense of religious duty.

Tony Ortega’s game has always been to present his “fake news” by giving the impression that he has newly obtained information provided to him by his “informants”. The bitter reality, however, is that he obtains stolen goods, possibly hacked, then distorts what he finds and presents it to his cult followers as “fresh news”.

We know for a fact that Tony Ortega is in possession of materials that have been stolen from Scientology. One of his henchmen-thieves has even been under investigation in Arizona for stealing from Scientology. However, the thief died before he could be brought to justice.

Evidence exists that Tony Ortega was warned that he was in receipt of stolen goods provided by the thief, yet still he published the stolen mail claiming that he received it from a “tipster”.

Plainly, Tony Ortega believes he is exempted from the law. He’s made that abundantly clear by willingness to obtain stolen mail and “tips” gained through illegal means. Despite this, Ortega still had the temerity to raise a stink, according to a former Village Voice employee, when his articles were being published in their entirety in other forums and demanded they be taken down because it violated his copyrights.

For narcissists like Tony Ortega, it’s obvious that “crimes” are those things that others commit. In Ortega’s delusional and distorted view of the world his continuous harassment, stalking, spying and whatnot is allowed, but when others expose his “dirty laundry” he cries harassment. In other words, as the saying goes, he can dish it out but he can’t take it.

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