Tony Ortega: “Useful” Idiot

Having read enough of the first-hand, personal stories of underage girls who were “groomed”, often over substantial periods of time, we here at the blog have gained something of an understanding of the dark seductive power used by pimps to lure their victims into service.

We have commented in the past how this process resembles Backpage itself, making its army of pimps and sex traffickers dependent over time on the platform, by virtue of its ease of use and its flagrant willingness to turn a blind eye to the exploitation of vulnerable women and children.

In our reporting we have seen how pimps chose their victims based on their likeliness to be manipulated and coerced by those in positions of power over them.

Again we see an important parallel between how Backpage operated at its broad public level and at its corporate level. Indeed, one key element in the evil genius of the Backpage set up were people like Tony Ortega. Though himself nothing like a leader, he was chosen by the men who ran Backpage as a ‘useful idiot’ precisely because he was both easy to manipulate and desperately in need of the illusion of power.

In this way, Backpage ‘groomed’ Tony Ortega to be the public facing mouthpiece who would defend his masters tooth and nail, while viciously attacker their detractors.

Unlike the countless underage victims of the Backpage sex trafficking syndicate, however, Tony Ortega is not now nor has he ever been a proper object of pity. His motives have always been the basest in human nature, money, recognition and the perceived opportunity to throw his weight around, bullying those he deems beneath him. The irony of it all almost goes without saying, debasing himself this way over the years has given Tony Ortega none of the above.

It has left him an empty shell, as these days Tony Ortega remains nothing more than a chronically out-of-work freeloader, beholding to his wife and her parents for walking around money and a couch in the basement to crash on.

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