Tony Ortega Wants You to Know It’s All About Him

Once again Tony Ortega makes it all about him. In the wake of the tremendous snow storm that slammed into in New York last December, The Los Angeles Times sent out a tweet of support to the people of the state devastated by the unexpectedly harsh weather which caused numerous deaths.

Tony Ortega, however, seemed to think this was the perfect opportunity to vent a little of his obsessive frustration that no one was listening to him.

In a disgusting, but all too typical, display of Tony Ortega’s egotistical hate-driven agenda, the unemployed scold immediately took to one of the few platforms that will still publish his unhinged rants: Twitter.

Ortega tweeted the following:


This is the real Tony Ortega: self-obsessed, tone deaf, and blind to the needs and concerns of anyone who doesn’t fall in line with his bigoted crusade.

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