Tony Ortega Will Feed You Lies

Tony Ortega is not now, nor has he ever been, in Scientology. What is more he continually demonstrates that he does not understand what it is really like to be a Scientologist.

This causes him to dismiss important things and loudly scream and cry and kvetch about unimportant tangents on his blog and Twitter.

Repeatedly, Tony Ortega whips up intolerance and cruelty in his blog commenting community, and keeps it going for as long as it benefits himself personally no matter who gets in his way. Tony Ortega is dis/informed, and fueled, by his own ideology which basically sees anyone promoting religion of any kind the Internet as his enemy.

As a strident atheist, Tony Ortega brings to the table his own contempt for religious or spiritual pursuits, and his overriding contempt for people of faith taints everything he says and does.

Tony Ortega’s blog, with its limited ideological viewpoint on religion in general, and Scientology in particular, has become a hotbed for trolls and haters who fuel off each other’s rage. Indeed, if Tony Ortega’s blog is to be known as anything, it’s not as the trusted source of news of Scientology, it’s as a platform for the its speech of lazy blog-crawling malcontents.

It’s been in large part his sneering atheism, together with his out-of-control obsession with the subject of Scientology, that have cost him every journalistic job he’s ever held. Now, the sloppy storytelling he serves up looks a lot more like half-assed propaganda in support of a windmill crusade than honest reporting. But then, honest reporting never was, nor has it ever been, very high on Tony Ortega’s to-do list.

For Tony Ortega, none of this has been about chasing down an honest story for the sake of the truth. It’s always been about control. Controlling both his self-styled brand as the internet’s foremost authority on all things Scientology, and the critical thinking of those who read him.

Tony Ortega doesn’t want you asking your questions, he wants you to sit there obediently as he spoon feeds you his own, half-cooked answers.

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