Tony Ortega: Wrong side of the Law

Repercussions from the recent pressure being put on Backpage and its conspiratorial enablers like Tony Ortega continue to be felt across the country.

Just this week in Florida, a woman was sentenced to life in prison for prostituting a 14-year-old female runaway by setting the girl up in a motel room and creating a profile for the child on

The woman in question, 35 year old Katilia Brekeysha Seymour, was convicted of human trafficking following her arrest more than two years ago in Pinellas County. The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but turn they do. Piece by piece this evil empire, and all who aided and abetted them in their underage sex-prostitution scheme, will sooner or later have the book thrown at them. (We hope you’re paying close attention to that ‘aided and abetted’ part, Tony Ortega!)

Detectives said the St. Petersburg woman took photos of the victim wearing only panties and a tank top, a practice Tony Ortega must have thought was acceptable as under his editorial direction, Backpage filled its coffers from advertising using precisely these sorts of pictures of underage girls and vulnerable young women. Seymour encouraged the girl to have sex with men for $180 per client, keeping more than half the money for herself. She was charged with one count of human trafficking of a child under 18.

No matter how much he may actively condone and advocate for this type of behavior, this case is yet one more that demonstrates Tony Ortega is on the wrong side of the law on this matter.

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