Tony Ortega’s Atheism is Leaking Again

The subject of Tony Ortega’s unprofessional biases is something we are vigilant about reminding our readers of. We’ve presented so many examples of Ortega’s bigoted and unbalanced ‘reporting’ that, frankly, it is amazing to us that anyone anywhere would mistake Tony Ortega for an actual journalist.

Maybe that is why it has been so reassuring diving into the flood of ‘letters to Editor’ which rightfully protest whatever nonsense Tony Ortega would spit out during the brief period of time he was employed as a paid tabloid writer.

Let’s face it, Tony Ortega has always used his position to advance his own agenda.

Happily, as we’ve seen again and again in these letters, few people are fooled by his attempts to shape the narrative to suit his own bigoted, often anti-religious, purposes.

Indeed, when you’re the sort of rabid atheist Tony Ortega is, every opportunity to strike a blow against religious faith of any kind is one you’ll take. And if the facts don’t support your position, just make them up. That’s the Tony Ortega way!

Take for instance the time Tony Ortega attempted to use a local story of school board hearing on textbooks as an opportunity to smear religious communities. One reader named Dick Jenkins wasn’t about to let Tony Ortega get away with his usual trickery this time, as he wrote in his letter of complaint:

There is really no reason for me to write and comment on Tony Ortegas Scopes Snoops” (Kansas City Strip, March 17), but I feel compelled to respond to the biased tone of the article. The last time I checked, we live in a great country that uses a democratic process to sort out its issues. As Americans, it is our right to defend, by force if necessary, our opinions.

Ortega writes that the Kansas School Board is staging” hearings to discuss the theory of evolution, and his article suggests the hearings are just a dog and pony show…

The bottom line is that the school board represents the public, and they must make a decision based on the peoples voice. This process is why our country is the greatest in the world. The little guy does have a right to voice his opinion on what is being taught to his children.

Of course we can all see why Ortega would be opposed to hearing other people’s opinions. He only wants you to hear his because he imagines himself to be the sole authority worth listening to.

This has long been the approach Tony Ortega takes on any topic he writes about, whether on school textbooks or Scientology. He believes he is the self-proclaimed expert and it’s his opinion alone that counts. But as Dick Jenkins’s letter reminds us, “the last time I checked, we live in a great country that uses a democratic process to sort out its issues”.

That spirit of democracy, of listening to the people’s voice and standing up for what we believe in may not mean very much to an atheist absolutist like Ortega but it means a hell of a lot to the rest of us.

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