Tony Ortega’s bad fiction

As much as Tony Ortega wants us to believe his blog is a “news website” his repeated bias, as detailed here and on countless other places on the Internet, clearly indicates that Tony is at best a salacious gossip monger, at worst an obsessed ego maniac bent on destroying religious belief. Having spent time reading Tony already, we are inclined toward the latter.

This past week we’ve been examining Ortega’s glaringly obvious biases which we believe disqualify him from any claim he makes to being a “journalist”. But is Tony Ortega to be believed?

Consider these recent headlines from around the web concerning four-time accused rapist, Paul Haggis:

  • Paul Haggis Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 3 More Women

  • 4 women accuse filmmaker Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct

  • ‘Crash’ Director Paul Haggis Accused of Multiple Rapes

  • Paul Haggis: Oscar-winning director denies rape and sexual misconduct allegations made by four women

The above are all clearly examples of headlines from legitimate news sources, posted by reputable journalists. They all roughly tell the same story. No mentions of any religion. No not-so-subtle suggestion of conspiracy theories against Haggis.

Now, notice how Ortega re-frames the information in order to suit the dictates of his anti-Scientology bias with the headline he posted on his blog:

“Paul Haggis suspects Scientology behind allegations”

Wait a second… How was this ever a Scientology story? In Ortega’s mind it must be. Like a crazed tin foil hatted conspiracist, Ortega began fabricating a ‘set of facts’ to justify his story — Scientology must be using it to do further damage Haggis! There can be no other explanation!

Or rather, there could be no other explanation that would fit Tony’s predetermined narrative. Because at the end of the day that is what Tony Ortega does. It’s what he’s always done – shape the story to fit his own bigoted ends.

Whatever else it is, Tony Ortega’s underground blog is a not news website. It’s Tony Ortega telling a story. Like a movie of the week on Lifetime… Bad fiction, unconvincingly told.

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