Tony Ortega’s Bad News From YouTube

Hot on the tails of our latest tip about Tony Ortega’s floundering Youtube channel, we checked in with the good folks over at Socialblade to do a deep dive on his actual numbers. What we found surprised even us.

As reported previously, Tony Ortega’s rating is a C+. While we certainly feel any raking that finds Ortega’s hate routine ‘average’ is worrying, it has been interesting to see that across all his social platforms (Twitter, blogging, YouTube) Socialblade’s records show that “Average” is a glass ceiling Tony Ortega has yet to break through.

Socialblade ranks Tony Ortega at the 1,210,988th place spot among Youtubers, presumably somewhere between a channel devoted to dogs in sunglasses and a Bangladeshi 8 yr old who reviews breakfast cereals.

Noteworthy too, despite Tony Ortega’s repeated desperate attempts for attention, that his subscribers have fallen more than 25% in the last month, with views of his 2 minute hit pieces dropping almost 30% in the same timeframe.

Most amusingly, Socialblade is now including estimated revenue projections to their ranking. In Tony’s case, the numbers are not on his side. The site estimates Tony Ortega earns an average of somewhere between $5 and $87 each month, with no more than $65 – $1000 each year. Wow. We knew Tony Ortega was unemployed but these numbers are so dire they almost make us feel sorry for him.

Five dollars a month? There’s got to be a better way to earn a living. Maybe Tony could take a cue from that Bangladeshi kid with the cereal and change the focus of his “reporting”. If nothing else it would bring him one small step closer to actual journalism.

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