Tony Ortega’s Brand

By this point we’re only too familiar with the lies and obfuscations Tony Ortega writes on his own cheap blog – s the last place, apparently, he can find that will ‘publish’ his deranged rants.

We’ve seen how doggedly Tony Ortega sought to give cover to Backpage as news of its continued participation in child sex trafficking and the selling of young women for prostitution to online pimps and predators began to make headline news across the country.

But Tony Ortega’s obsession with ‘backing the bad guys’ did not end when he was let go from his role as Editor-in-Chief at the Village Voice. You might think Ortega had learned his lesson about supporting pimps, sex pests and anonymous child molesters on the Internet, but no. This is Tony Ortega we’re talking about and he never learns.

After Ortega leaving from the Voice he found himself (as he still finds himself) wholly dependent on his wife’s salary. He is (in the most pathetic, emasculating sense) nothing more than ‘a kept man’.

He needed another loser like himself to glom on to; a loser like himself, justly maligned in society for being a low-life creep with dreams of grandeur.

He found his target in a suitably Ortegean villain who had recently been accused of rape and multiple sex assaults. His name was Paul Haggis.

Ortega would go on to publicly and privately insist that Haggis had been ‘set up’ as part of a giant secret conspiracy in a way that seemed eerily familiar to the game plan he put into action as a Backpage apologist.

And just like the last scandal he pushed his big nose into, Ortega deftly plays the victim card on behalf of the aggressor while framing himself as ‘defender of the downtrodden’, waging war against unseen forces intent destroying the one thing Tony Ortega wants more than anything: his own biased control of the narrative.

So it was that Tony Ortega made the seamless transition from defending pimps and child molesters to alleged rapists. Say what you will about the unwavering pigheadedness of Tony Ortega, he definitely knows his brand.

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