Tony Ortega’s “Bunker” Mentality

Throughout history, unscrupulous and unethical operators have employed propaganda to dehumanize their perceived enemies. In this, Tony Ortega’s continued attacks against those he wants you to see as the “enemy” is nothing new.

It’s an age old technique Tony Ortega is using to trick his followers into believing that his perceived enemy is your enemy, and as such they are the worst kind of scum who must be eliminated. The desired result is to generate unrest in his readers; to encourage lack of civility in the hopes that they might adopt general war-like stance against whichever group Tony Ortega deems worthy of hate this week.

Recently we’ve seen him casting about for even more “enemies” to dehumanize. Apparently Tony Ortega has been experiencing some writer’s block when it comes to writing fiction about Scientologists, so he has moved on to other minority religions.

There’s a word for people who use their bully pulpit to denigrate minorities, be they religious, racial, or any another type — they are called bigots. And the sort of ignorant vitriol Tony Ortega peddles in his propaganda gives fodder to his intolerant, if ever-dwindling, readership.

Just as Hitler was able to gain widespread support for World War II by using the minority Jewish population as a scapegoat, Tony Ortega uses propaganda to make ‘the other’ seem disgusting and different, making them the root of the people’s troubles.

Of course, just as with Hitler’s representation of the Jewish population, Tony Ortega’s depiction of Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses (take your pick) bears no relationship to the truth.

It’s important to remember Tony Ortega’s game plan here. He is trying to get you to think of other human beings as being something less than human in order to make you hate them. It’s really the only strategy he knows, as he so clearly displayed in his many vitriolic attacks against minorities over the years.

As it happens, Tony Ortega is married to a Jewish woman. You might think Ortega would be a little more sensitive to demonizing people groups with his Nazi-style propaganda as freely as he does. Sadly, it appears Tony Ortega is choosing to double down on his hateful rhetoric, making a last stand from the isolated confines of his “underground bunker”.

We’ll see whether it works out as well for him as it did for the leadership of the German National Socialists party in 1945, who, as history recalls, shared a similar “bunker mentality” in its last days.

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