Tony Ortega’s cash cow

Finding a cash cow and squeezing it for all it’s worth has been a running theme in the life of Tony Ortega. We’ve discussed how as Editor of The Village Voice, Ortega would, with outspoken regularity, defend his right to pimp out underage sex workers in order to keep generating the ad revenue the Voice so desperately needed as it began failing under his tenure. We’ve discussed how, now over half a decade out of work, Ortega has been sponging off his wife, Arielle Silverstein, and possibly her parent’s fortune to continue his one-man obsessive crusade against Scientology.

Now reports are beginning to surface around town of Tony Ortega attempting to ‘hitch his wagon’ to the Leah Remini train as her A&E hate show prepares to enter into its third season. The extent to which Ortega may or may not be involved in the upcoming season remain unclear but we can report that Ortega has made repeated attempts ‘pitching’ himself as a leading inside source on all things Scientology to the show’s producers.

In this age of increased scrutiny on sex scandals in Hollywood, it would seem strange that A+E, that chose to end its professional association with long time “Project Runway” business partner Harvey Weinstein when the Hollywood sexual assault scandal broke, would entertain the idea of giving child sex-ring advocate Ortega the opportunity to attach himself to the network.

We can only hope that A&E chooses to end his association with Tony Ortega whose parasitic modus operandi is (and has always been) to glom onto the work of others and milk it dry.

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