Tony Ortega’s Coming Fall

It’s no coincidence that as state and federal investigations of Backpage continue heating up, the pressure on Tony Ortega is mountings significantly. Case in point – most of his blog posts lately have been shorter than usual and/or written by “guest” authors who help ramp up his cult of personality as the preeminent “Scientology expert” on the Internet.

Ortega has made a ‘career ‘, if such a word can be applied to a chronic malingerer, of making a mountain out of a molehills. In his quest to turn every salacious rumor regarding Scientology into cause for a full-blown hysterical meltdown he has (as has been thoroughly documented here and elsewhere) demonstrated his lack of both journalistic integrity and basic human decency.

Now it seems Tony has turned his short-spanned attention to recycling old stories on Twitter in the hopes of re-igniting the passionate hate he obsessively keeps trying to instill in what few readers he has left.

Why the rehash, Tony? Maybe you’re running out imagined scandals to scare your followers with… Or maybe you’re beginning to realize what the rest of us have so long understood about your work — ‘there’s no there there’.

With his credibility at an all-time low, with Twitter beginning to ban the army of fake users he pays to give him an illusion of popularity, with the Feds drawing closer by the day to possible indictment on sex trafficking charges, Tony Ortega’s house of cards appears ready to come crashing down.

Like his good friend, Paul Haggis, Tony’s time is running out. There are only so many lies you can tell before it all starts catching up with you. For all his lack of understanding, Ortega has put that much together at least and it has put a great fear in him. He’s running scared.

As his uncomfortable summer of being in the hot seat draws to a close, we cannot say for sure what the next season will hold for Ortega and his cabal. But at the risk of offering too much of a spoiler, let’s just say they don’t call it ‘Fall’ for nothing.

Stay tuned!

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