Tony Ortega’s Con Convention

Hindsight may be 20/20 they say, but it’s clear Tony Ortega and his crackpot critic friends simply haven’t learned a thing.  Recently, Tony Ortega and his misfit co-conspirators announced the sad crowd who gave us the 2019 ‘critics convention’ — which in reality was little more than a parade of basement-dwelling incels looking to get out of the house for a few hours — will be cashing in their their coupons and taking a crack at convening their idiot caucus once more for 2020.

Given the cringeworthy legacy of Tony Ortega’s homespun ‘convention’ which gave us all quite a chuckle when we saw the photos they posted last round, we are eagerly looking forward to the dozen or so subterranean mouth-breathers this event is sure to attract.

Tony Ortega’s announcement of the event came with little fanfare on his basement blog. As Ortega wrote:

“Happy New Year, readers! Here we are at the beginning of another year of Scientology watching — but we want you to think ahead to the warmer days of late spring and consider joining us for our annual meet-up!

In 2016, we held our first meeting in the Midwest, and this June we’ll be going for convention number five back in that region of the country where so many of our most loyal commenters live.”

In the fetid swamp that passes for Tony Ortega’s mind, perhaps he thinks gather a cadre of likeminded weirdos in some fashion gives them legitimacy? Newsflash Tony Ortega, no matter how many novelty nametag lanyards you print out, you’re still just a ragtag bunch of loony online posters, united by a common tastes in bigotry and intolerance.

Tony concludes his misguided pitch by assuring his ‘readers’ that this year all will go well, saying, “…we are putting ourselves into the capable hands of St. Louis resident flyonthewall.”

The capable hands of flyonthewall. If that doesn’t inspire confidence, what will? Who knows, with a little luck they may even see upwards of a dozen folks show up this year.  Oh to be a fly-on-the-wall amid that brain trust!

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