Tony Ortega’s Connections

In our last post we drew attention to one of Tony Ortega’s many shady contacts, John McGhee, an Irish radical who crossed the line from online harassment to real-world violence.

We suggested in that report that as shocking as the act of violence this known associate of Tony Ortega was it is hardly an isolated event among Ortega’s would-be followers.

No discussion of the absolute depths of depravity those around Tony Ortega are willing to sink to would be complete, however, without mentioning the shadowy online hate group known as ‘Anonymous’.

Tony Ortega, true to form, remains a staunch vocal proponent of the loose organization of faceless criminals who shamelessly brand themselves as ‘the Internet hate machine”.

As we’ve seen in his dealings with Backpage, Tony Ortega’s seems to have an inexplicable urge to stand up and advocate for the worst elements of society; from child-abusing pimps to boardroom sex-trafficking execs. It is, however, his cheerleading support for groups like Anonymous that signal cause for concern. Indeed, Ortega’s connection to this lawless organization ranks among the most disturbing allegiances Tony Ortega maintains.

The FBI sees this hate-mongering group as a threat to public safety, correctly identifying them as ‘cyber-terrorists’ after the organization made a series of attacks against Scientology. Anonymous followed these so-called ‘raids’ with chilling promises to continue their campaign of sabotage against Scientology even as it encouraged others to harm its members.

The cyber-terrorist group made wave after wave of denial of services attacks, swamping phones and fax machines with threats of violence against. And its online hate speech has incited others to engage in violence.

As of this writing, Tony Ortega’s cyber-terrorists pals continue to call for further acts of violence against Scientology and its members.

With Tony Ortega’s support and encouragement further attacks are likely.

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