Tony Ortega’s Constellation of Quackery

Does Tony Ortega’s recent fascination with stars and other celestial bodies suggest he might have a growing fascination with Astrology?

Infamous atheist and all-around grumpy old man Tony Ortega sure seems to put a lot of time into tracking the movement of stars. A tweet he posted earlier this week about the Perseus constellation has some of his more rabid atheist followers scratching their heads. With reference to the worship of ancient gods, Tony Ortega posted the following to his floundering Twitter feed:

It would appear from the tepid response that Tony’s ‘underground’ fanbase has very little interest in his new-found interest in signs among the stars. His post received an underwhelming 7 likes and three retweets as of the time of this publication. Even for Tony those are embarrassing numbers.

Is Tony Ortega part of the 25% of Americans, who despite the lack of all evidence to the contrary, continue to believe in Astrology and horoscopes? “Many people quite simply just want to believe,” says Brian Cronk, a professor at Missouri Western State University. “The human brain is always trying to determine why things happen, and when the reason is not clear, we tend to make up some pretty bizarre explanations.”

Bizarre explanations are of course nothing new for Tony Ortega so maybe we shouldn’t be shocked to learn that this self-described skeptic/critic should be so naively swayed into curiosity about their efficacy.

As to whether or not this new nonsensical fascination will expand his base of followers, well, that’s probably not in the cards for Tony Ortega, let alone in the stars.

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