Tony Ortega’s Cross-platform Hate

You may remember when we recently called Tony Ortega to task for the truly monumental dive in popularity his Twitter suffered, as reported by the social media watchdog of record “” earlier this year. So large was the mass migration of online eyes from Tony Ortega’s online platforms that it lead to many asking the question whether Tony Ortega was buying fake users. You can read both parts of that bombshell story here and here.

Recently we discovered that in addition to the little hive of hate that has Tony and his swarm of drones angrily buzzing day and night, and his increasingly desperate Twitter account (remember that one, where he dishes the latest gossip about celebrities with all the petty jealousy he can muster?) — Tony has a Youtube channel. Who knew?!

If you thought Tony’s Twitter begging was a new low for his self-styled journalism, think again! On his Youtube channel Tony sinks even lower: his new schtick, begging viewers for two minutes of their time to watch cheaply edited photographs with Ortega’s vapid text assaulting the viewer with its ‘Scientology exists and it’s hurting my feelings’ rhetoric.

It’s as if Tony saw that Youtube was a place for angsty adolescents to air their juvenile grievances and understood he’d be right at home. Maybe he was trying to reach that niche part of his audience that loves to read his hateful words but what they would really enjoy is seeing them falling out of the mouth of the hateful man behind them? Or maybe this is another ill-conceived play at yet another attempt by Ortega to “establish his brand”.

Well, we have news for you on that front Tony Ortega. Your brand as already been established. And it’s honestly astonishing you’ve yet to be banned from social media for your hate speech yet.

Still, there is reason have hope in this yet. Given the newfound focus social media sites like Twitter and Youtube have taken in rooting out fake and deceptive users across its platforms, we believe it is only a matter of time until they start coming for the fake and deceptive trolls who are trying to push their propagandistic agendas. We can’t think of a better candidate to start this purge with than Tony Ortega.

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