Tony Ortega’s Crusade of Intolerance Makes Him His Own Worst Enemy

Simply put, Tony Ortega’s crusade of intolerance against religious belief of any stripe needs a particular type of environment in order to survive. There can be no free exchange of ideas or challenging of deep rooted assumptions. There can be no rigorous debates on merits of differing points of view. And under no circumstance can there be anything close to a mutual respect shown to those with whom you disagree.

Ortega’s anti-Scientology brigade could never survive in any environment in which ideals like freedom of expression, critical thinking, or a desire for truth were observed. He knows this only too well. Which is why he seeks to silence, ban and/or discredit anyone who would raise their voice in protest. Anyone who would dare to violate the unwritten code of the Ortega hive mind mentality is unwelcome in Ortega’s movement.

Precisely because Ortega pushes a message of emotionally charged, belief-based positions, debate and dissent are not only discouraged but those who would engage in them are actively driven out.

Ironically, all of this is done in the service of protecting Ortega’s carefully constructed belief system. The only ‘truth’ allowed to be discussed is the official Ortega narrative. His word is law and to question that is to risk excommunication from his virtual fiefdom.

The hysterical and hyperbolic language he and his followers routinely invoke, to say nothing of their changing or outright denying context to support their beliefs, supports the hive mentality Ortega wants to instill in his readers but it does precious little to support the truth.

Which is why it so plain that Tony Ortega, for all his bluster about ‘journalism’ and exposing truth about oppressive power structures, is nothing more than a hypocrite, too blinded by desire for control the beliefs of his followers to see himself for who and what he is. His own worst enemy.

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