Tony Ortega’s deliberate falsification-style of “journalism”

There is no shortage of fake news on the internet these days. It doesn’t take much to be a blogger willing to fill post after post with nothing but lies. But to be a blogger exposed as a liar on, the internet’s gold standard for debunking and exposing deceit? Now that’s a whole different category of liar.

And guess who has his very own Snopes page? Why Tony Ortega, of course! Back in the earlier 2000’s Ortega, with apparent frequency, would pick a fake name and write fabricated stories designed to scandalize and provoke.

One of the more publicized occasions of Ortega’s deliberate falsification-style of “journalism” was the time he made the claim a reality show on NBC would feature women being pursued through the brush by their rapists.

You can read the whole sorted story, and it’s thorough debunking here.

When ultimately confronted by the Hollywood Reporter Tony Ortega said maybehe wrote the piece, suggesting that his whole fake article was an attempt at a ‘satirical commentary’ of the saturation coverage that rape and similar crimes receive. Said Ortega, I hope it gets people to think about the nature of television and the business that it does.

Oh, it certainly has gotten people to think, Mr. Ortega. In fact, many of us have come to think Snopes should expose more of your falsified journalism. Better yet, maybe NBC could do a show where disgraced Village Voice editors are pursued through the bush by their Backpage readers. It would be like Hunger Games for sex traffickers!

Now that’d be a show that would get people thinking about nature of the work Ortega does. And if he doesn’t like it, just tell him it’s “satirical commentary”.

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