Tony Ortega’s Dirty Tricks #36: The Firehose of Falsehood

Tony Ortega

Over the years Tony Ortega has used many of the tricks of some of history’s most flagrant propagandists. Here at the blog we believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant, so with that in mind we’ve decided to expose some of the ‘dirty tricks’ hardcore propagandists like Tony Ortega regularly employ. 

The firehose of falsehood, which Tony Ortega has used from his early days, is technique in which a large number of messages are broadcast rapidly, repetitively, and continuously over multiple channels (such as news and social media) without regard for truth or consistency. 

This type of ‘firehosing’ seems to come naturally to Tony Ortega, who has a limited attention span and a narrow intellectual capacity. Often, readers of his propaganda blog will see Ortega carping again and again on the same two or three “stories” he happens to be obsessed with that day. 

This is by design because propagandists like Ortega understand that high volume of messages are effective because people are more likely to believe a story when it appears to have been reported by multiple sources.

Another key element of Tony Ortega’s ‘firehosing’ technique is to spread his fake news and false narratives across as many channels as he can at the same time. This is why we will often catch him posting whatever lie he wishes to promote on his hate blog, his Twitter feed, all while spamming links by tagging other users across various other social media platforms in the hopes that they will help him do his dirty work.

By using this technique Tony Ortega is banking on the fact that people are more likely to believe a story when they think many others believe it, especially if those others belong to a group with which they identify, (i.e. Tony Ortega and his identifiable ‘in-group’ of likeminded haters.)

In this way, Tony Ortega and a small army of trolls can influence a person’s opinion by creating the false impression that a majority of that person’s neighbors support the same view. 

Readers of this blog will remember that Tony Ortega was very publicly busted for attempting to cheat Twitter’s rules so as to make it seem more people were agreeing and sharing his views.

The ‘fake users’ Ortega was caught using were there for one purpose and one purpose alone – to douse an unsuspecting public with a flood of mistruths, lies, and baseless rumor. 

Tony Ortega’s ‘firehose of falsehood’ may have successfully been shut down by Twitter for the moment, but that hasn’t stopped Ortega from seeking other ways of getting people to believe and spread his falsehoods.

We will continue to be on the frontlines of this war of information, vigilantly exposing every underhanded technique Tony Ortega has in his bag of dirty tricks.

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