Tony Ortega’s Dirty Tricks #42: Disinformation

If Tony Ortega had to choose a favorite propaganda devices we here at the blog would guess he’d pick ‘disinformation’ by a country mile. The fact is disinformation has long been Ortega’s go-to tool for muddying the waters and sowing discord in his various smear campaigns against those he designates as his “enemies”. 

In short, disinformation is false or misleading information that is spread deliberately to deceive. Any honest person familiar with Tony Ortega’s writing over the length of his failed career as a ‘journalist’ will recognize Tony’s signature style at once in the above definition. 

Deliberately misleading information is Tony Ortega’s brand, after all.

Unable to win any intellectual argument using facts, Tony often resorts to inventing his own ‘alternative reality’ which he then attempts to sell to his gullible followers on social media in the hopes that they, in turn, will continue to spread his lies. These amplified lies create a mass saturation of disinformation which can then be used to sway the public at large. 

It should come as no surprise to learn that the English word disinformation comes to us via the Russian word ‘dezinformatsiya, a term coined by Joseph Stalin himself, as it happens. Stalin gave it a French-sounding name in order to claim it had a Western origin, ironically demonstrating that the very word ‘disinformation’ was itself the very first act of disinformation.

Precisely the kind of recursive lie-within-a-lie only someone like Tony Ortega or Joseph Stalin could truly appreciate.

The academic literature on the topic of the propagandistic use of ‘disinformation’ details four main methods of spreading deliberately misleading or confusing information.

See if you can spot the ways Tony Ortega has exploited each and every one. (Helpful hints provided):

  1. Selective Censorship. 

(Tony Ortega typically reveals only parts of a story which support his false narrative. He never tells you the whole story.)

  1. Manipulation of search rankings. 

(Is Tony Ortega Buying Fake Twitter Users)

  1. Hacking and Releasing

(Tony Ortega used information stolen by a mail thief)

  1. Directly Sharing Disinformation 

(Tony Ortega Tweet or blog post ever)

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