Tony Ortega’s ex-employers victim: Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson was a victim of sex trafficking who was brutally murdered by a man who bought her off the internet for sex using the Backpage website, the largest sex trafficking site this country has ever seen.

Benson was a young mother who was trying to put her life together for her son, but she was picked up by a pimp who physically and mentally abused her and then forced her to have sex with strangers for money.

Benson was trafficked over the course of several years through the Backpage website, where she and many other women and children were offered by pimps for sex in exchange for money. She was trafficked by multiple pimps through force, fraud, and coercion.

Benson tried to escape from her traffickers, but was subjected to physical and mental abuse with every attempt. Tragically, Ashley Benson was unable to free herself from this cycle of abuse at the hands of those who created this modern sex slavery black market.

Tae Bum Yoon found Benson on the Backpage website, lured her to a hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon and there murdered her.

Tony Ortega’s ex-employers knew full well that Benson was a victim of sex trafficking. Her death occurred because they neglected to take any step to prevent it.

The owners and/or employees of the Backpage and should have known that Yoon was engaged in illegal sex trafficking activity given his history as a user of the Backpage’s sex trafficking section.

It is indisputable that the owners and/or employees of the Backpage website financially from the exploitation of Benson and the many young women and girls like her.

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