Tony Ortega’s Fake News: Publish and Be Damned

We told you about the royal wedding of William and Kate and how the unchecked chaos of yet another in a seemingly endless torrent of fraudulent stories by Tony Ortega almost derailed the whole event.

One question we’ve been getting since that piece first posted is exactly how Tony Ortega tried to justify the obvious reckless disregard for fact-checking he demonstrated. Well, we’re glad you asked.

Apparently the whole basis for Ortega’s ‘bombshell’ story was a photograph of a pair of hands wearing wedding rings, coupled with the spurious claims of McMahan’s daughter, who was later revealed to be seeking revenge for her termination from a job at one of her father’s companies.

If you find yourself wondering “how could Tony Ortega possibly get himself mixed up in a false story orchestrated to focus world attention on him?” then clearly you haven’t been paying attention. A picture of jewelry and claims of unverified incest is more than Ortega usually has to work with in inventing fake controversy.

By this time Ortega had already published multiple stories publicly exposed as lies and was understood in the business to be a bottom tier hack with no interest in truth. (How little has changed in the decade since!)

As Bishop Anthony d’Or Teaguewah, Regent of the Abbey, said of the affair: We were relieved to find that this simply an abominable invention, promulgated by an unhappy and disturbed woman,  and published by a charlatan scribbler with no apparent regard for the sanctity of either the Abbey or the truth.”

Noting that Ortega had repeatedly republished the smear (an act that would earn him a subpoena), the Bishop dismissed any concern that the upcoming wedding might give new life to the now-discredited hoax, saying: Let him, as the saying goes, ‘publish and be damned. That’s his affair; we will no longer concern ourselves with this matter.  Since attention is clearly what he craves, we will withhold ours, and hope that others will see fit to do likewise.”

Publish and be damned.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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