Tony Ortega’s Final Endorsement Words

Tony Ortega

In our article “Tony Ortega’s Village Voice: A Backpage Front” we drew your attention to the grand scheme behind The Village Voice and Backpage, specifically how they were from the beginning planned to be separated in order to fully concentrate on the mega profits produced by Backpage in its lust to sell young women for sexual services.

It bears repeating, however, that this came as no surprise to Tony Ortega who from the beginning was in on the scam.

After the planned separation became a reality Tony Ortega tweeted this endorsement:

Re-read that last sentence in light of what it is abundantly clear Tony Ortega knew from the very start; “I hope they thrive as a result.” With full knowledge it was making mountains of cash of the trafficking of underage girls Tony Ortega publicly gushed on his vile twitter feed he ‘hopes they thrive’. If that doesn’t say it all about Tony Ortega, we don’t know what does.

Of course Tony’s involvement in the operation was by no means trivial. When the paper was made free Ortega began implementing his part of the grand plan: firing as many journalists and reporters as he could in order to streamline the sale of the paper thus allowing Backpage to ‘do business’ as its own entity.

Though publicly Ortega announced his plan was to reduce circulation of the paper in order to save money in what he characterized as a “better way to staunch the bleeding” than laying off employees, the mass firings that occurred during his watch were unprecedented in the history of The Village Voice.

Indeed, records show that by the end of 2009, Tony Ortega was having a difficult time even giving the Village Voice paper away for free when its parent company, Village Voice Media, was threatened with involuntary bankruptcy over an uncollected court judgment.

But again this was all part of the plan. The Village Voice had served its purpose by that point and now the Backpage was set loose to become the world’s largest online brothel per the agreed upon arrangement. It was Tony Ortega oversaw the whole demise of The Village Voice and set the stage for the rise of the Backpage.

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