Tony Ortega’s Fostered Mentality

In our last few articles, we’ve called Tony Ortega and his wife, Arielle Silverstein, out for being known liars. We’ve examined their motives and methods, and have exposed the bias of their thinking.

Today we thought it might be beneficial if our readers got a chance to hear Ortega defend himself on the specific charge we made in our last piece about the fact that he intentionally obscures his role as a good-faith journalist.

From the bigoted cesspool of his blog’s comment section, Tony Ortega writes:

The great thing about having a site like this, with such intelligent readers, is that I can write dead-serious the-Underground-Bunker-has learned” breaking stories, or I can do some analysis, or I can cut loose and crack a joke. It all depends on the story being told and what its goal is.”

Given the sheer volume of propagandistic lies coming from Tony Ortega over the past few years we think it’s pretty simple to gauge from him ‘what the goal is’ – lie, smear, defame, rinse and repeat.

Tony Ortega intentionally fosters an ‘us vs them’ mentality among his readers. It’s as if he is trying to convince them: “I’m doing ‘dead-serious’ analysis of ‘breaking stories’ served up with smug, sneering mockery because you who would read me are ‘such intelligent readers’.”

But what of the readers of real journalists (with actual jobs!) at daily newspapers? In case you were wondering what Tony Ortega thinks of them, he continues: “The reason you don’t see the mainstream dailies do more of this is that they assume a stupid readership that would get confused…”

The ignorant arrogance on display here is classic Tony Ortega. We’re smart, they are stupid. He assumes his audience is always aware of the difference between fact and outright fabrication because he is a self-described authority whose finely nuanced judgment is beyond reproach. (Perhaps this is why he felt entitled to ‘crack wise’ by planting a false rape/kidnapping story (under a false name) in the Los Angeles New Times.)

Ortega’s ‘stupid readers’ must have missed the joke in his falsified reporting, as he was quickly fired for the lie — not for the first time and hardly for the last.

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