Tony Ortega’s Guide to Being a Serial Cheater

Sixteen years ago this fall, Tony Ortega married his second ex-wife, Fatimah Suryono. Fatimah was an immigrant from Jakarta, Indonesia who came to America with dreams of a better life and plans to study Communications and Public Relations at the University of Wisconsin.

Upon graduating, Fatimah moved across country to the Mecca of public relations Los Angeles, California where she began working for a struggling newspaper called the Los Angeles New Times. It was here she met, and began an ill-fated relationship, with Tony Ortega.

Somewhere around the close of 2009, Fatimah discovered a series of graphic emails which made very clear that Tony Ortega was involved in an illicit online sexual relationship with a woman named Lisa Eager.

Lisa Eager was not just another random woman Ortega met and tried to seduce online, she was a woman from Tony Ortega’s shadowy past. In fact, she was the reason for the breakup with Ortega’s first ex-wife, Tracey Gifford, who’d discovered the affair between Ortega and his eager mistress.

Before Tracey passed away, she went on record to declare that her biggest regret was having married Tony Ortega. She described her faithless former husband as a cheater who would “sleep with any woman” he could get his hands on.

Unsurprisingly, Fatimah would go on to find further emails detailing even more graphic incidents of her husband’s infidelity. It appeared he was conducting even more obscene online sexual affairs with multiple women at the same time.

Fatimah reached her tipping point at the end of 2010. Increasingly distraught and discovering more online sex chats from her philandering husband, she finally told Ortega straight out that she was done with him. The two divorced shortly after.

The sordid tale of Ortega’s women continues next week as we pull back the curtain on the state of Tony’s latest marriage.

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