Tony Ortega’s “Half Cocked”

The deeper we look into the public’s assessment of Tony Ortega’s troubling professional past the clearer it becomes just what a hack Tony Ortega really is.

We’ve pointed out how nearly a decade before Tony Ortega was canned from his role as chief propaganda officer for Backpage, he was causally exploiting teens using sexual innuendo for his own benefit.  In a piece entitled “Young Ass”, which Tony Ortega had written for a Kansas City tabloid he did exactly that, crudely sexualizing an issue (involving underage teens no less!) for his own gratification.

This wasn’t the first time Tony Ortega had chosen to sexualize an issue in the hopes that someone might pay attention to him. Even before turning his lecherous attention to young kids in politics, he took aim at another group with another cheap sex-based attack.

Tony Ortega wrote an article called “Half-Cocked” in which he attempted to suggest that individuals who own guns for personal protection are only doing so because they have small genitalia.

Thankfully the Kansas City tabloid, The Pitch, seems to have long since purged the catalogue of seedy stories Tony Ortega threw together for them back while employed. Tellingly, however, the letters of complaint written to the publishers of the paper about Tony Ortega are still readily accessible to the public on their website.

Consider this excerpt from one reader:

Maybe Tony Ortega thought he was being cute last week when the Pitch published his article “Half-Cocked” (KC Strip, November 6), where he implied that all Missourians who support concealed carry are lonely, racist hicks with small penises, but I found it rather ignorant….I think [Tony Ortega] failed incredibly to bring the facts about concealed carry to the public…The tone that Ortega used when writing his article was based on uninformed, angry e-mails and I don’t feel that it presents an accurate portrayal

Bryan Stalder
Kansas City, Missouri

How little Tony Ortega has moved on since those early days.

He remains “rather ignorant” (to put it mildly) and continues to “fail incredibly” as he plugs away at his homemade hate blog based chiefly on information he gets from ‘uniformed, angry emails’ which don’t present anything close to an ‘accurate portrayal’ of facts. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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