Tony Ortega’s Hate-Tipster Offers Smokescreen Excuse for Twitter Ban

More fallout following our story yesterday of Tony Ortega’s unhinged Twitter accomplice getting temporarily booted off the social media site.

Several readers wrote in to tell us that Chris Shelton (the Twitter terms abuser in question) is publicly denying that his suspension was due to the landslide of complaints registered against him recently for his hate speech towards Scientology.

Instead it seems Shelton is taking a page from Tony Ortega’s propagandist playbook and manufacturing a wholly false narrative out of thin air. 

Take a look at Shelton’s feeble explanation below: 

Ah yes, Chris Shelton desperately wants you to believe it was because he was so brave in calling out Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter that he was blocked. It must take nearly Tony Ortega levels of narcissistic self-importance for a no-name nobody like Chris Shelton to be this delusional. Does he really believe he is such a threat to the establishment that he must be silenced!?

The idea is nothing short of laughable on its face. 

The fact of the matter is that Twitter fairly and unequivocally applied its  rules against hate-speech bullying to a particularly cruel and hysterical anti-religious bigot.

Under the federal law recognize the human rights of minority races, minority genders & minority sexual orientations. Indeed, these same laws have given a class of crimes called ‘hate crimes’ to protect them against discrimination, harassment and violence. We rightly call out, shut down, and even prosecute those who attack these minorities with slurs & dehumanizing stereotypes.

For some reason though, few recognize the word “cult” as a slur for a minority religion. Harassing and dehumanizing what online trolls like Ortega and his pals like Shelton call “brainwashed cult members” is sadly routine online and in real life.

Maybe, with Twitter’s pledge to continue combatting hate via social media, that might soon be changing.

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