Tony Ortega’s Hidden Crimes

More than a year after his arrest on unrelated drug charges following a traffic stop by police man in Amarillo, TX was charged with human trafficking and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

In March of 2018, Jirehn Lamarr Curtis Jr., 22, was stopped for a routine traffic violation. Though detained for an infraction of the driving laws, it was ‘traffic’ of a different sort which would ultimately lead to this Backpage pimp being put away for better than a decade.

The passengers in the pimp’s car were dropped off at a nearby motel because none of them had drivers license or any forms of legal identification but the police were able to identify two of the three women in the car as 17-years-old or younger.

A special agent with the police working the case quickly discovered the girls’ photos on Backpage. The underage girls were being advertised by Curtis through Backpage for sex.

Police then retrieved information from Curtis’ cell phone leading them to messages with people regarding pricing, locations and what is allowed sexually during visits with these children being sold through Backpage.

What is interesting about this story is the model it presents for catching criminals associated with Backpage.

We here couldn’t help but wonder what authorities might find if Tony Ortega were to be pulled over in a routine stop.

Fortunately for Ortega, multiple occasions of serial adultery aren’t a crime under federal law. Neither are scads of sexually explicit texts with other girls while being married to Fatimah Suryono Ortega. But if authorities were to dig a little deeper, say, into the web of underground criminal associates Tony Ortega surrounds himself with who can say what they might find.

Perhaps if they were to examine secret life of Tony Ortega’s latest wife who has abused her role at the United Nations to plot with fellow members of Anonymous they might find grounds for charges. As we saw last week, the FBI regards Anonymous as a ‘cyber terrorist’ organization. It might be of interest to national security to follow up on a paid employee of the U.N. who used her work computer to plot with other members of Anonymous.

What other secrets lie buried in Tony Ortega’s cell phone records? We’ve seen recently how contacts of his engage in physical violence and aggressive harassment of innocent citizens. If there is a direct connection between Tony Ortega’s rhetoric of hate and the actions of his equally deranged follower shouldn’t the public be made aware?

Cases like the Backpage pimp in Texas who might have gotten away with the part he played in sex-trafficking underage girls had it not been for a routine stop by beat cop give us hope. It reminds us that those who choose to associate with pimps and criminals, with no shortage of criminal intent themselves, always slip up eventually.

Better hope your tags aren’t expired, Tony. If your past exploits (or the long list of unsavory characters you surround yourself with!) are any predictor, you could be only one stop away from a nice long prison stay.

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