Tony Ortega’s Hive Loses Its Sting        

Tony Ortega and others who have adopted his hive-mentality want you to believe that all religious thought is dangerous. It’s a big part of the reason he has devoted the bulk of his career (in so far as Ortega has ever had a “career”) to working towards undercutting and subverting religious belief and practice.

From his compulsive obsession of daily inventing new false narratives about Scientology to the more recent expansion of his cottage hate industry into attacking the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Tony Ortega has made no secret of the bigoted bias that drives him.

Ortega’s tactics have been the same since he began this campaign of intolerance. One of his key tricks is to foment what we might call the hive mind. “It’s us against them,” he likes to tell his readers. By reinforcing this mindset Tony Ortega is operating from the same play book as so many would-be propagandists before him.

His aim is to get his readers to adopt his style of thinking, his same venomous rhetoric. He wants desperately for them to see themselves as bees buzzing inside his hive of hate. And, like drones, the goal is for his readers to forget they are individual selves with the goals of the hive meant to become his readers own personal goals.

No longer working for their own self-interests, he wants his readers to become as obsessed as he is in his anti-religious campaign; to feel a part of something larger than themselves. He wants his readers to find fundamental meaning in their lives by working only for the interests of the hive mentality that seeks to tear down and destroy the faith commitments of others.

You’ll never hear Tony Ortega talking at length about the innumerable good people of faith do in the world. He’ll never admit that the overwhelming majority of Scientologists are good people. These are inconvenient truths which Tony Ortega knows he cannot erase no matter how hard to tries.

So instead he misdirects and invents stories scandal and intrigue because that, he has decided, is the narrative his fellow drones must accept if his anti-religious crusade is to succeed.

Fortunately, Tony Ortega’s message of intolerance has been largely relegated to the intellectual ghetto of his Twitter feed. As Hollywood, indeed the media establishment in general, continues to ignore him his would-be hive of likeminded worker bees become increasingly irrelevant, buzzing at the extreme margins of public discourse.

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