Tony Ortega’s Insider

Rachel Bernstein

Update: The case against Rachel Bernstein is still pending.

Consider the case of Tony Ortega insiders, Rachel Bernstein. You might remember here as the would-be “councilor” who infamously attacked and smeared a mother whose daughter had tragically committed suicide using Tony Ortega’s “blame the victims” rhetoric. It was disgusting, unprovoked, and filled with lies designed to mislead and provoke outrage. In other words, pure Tony Ortega.

Rachael Bernstein is now facing the loss of her credentials for falsely passing judgment, this time in a court of law, on the mental state of yet another woman she also never took the time to understand.

See for yourself just how similar to Tony Ortega’s idiotic “I don’t need the facts because I’m an ideologue” line of reasoning she is.

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