Tony Ortega’s Internet Scavenger


Roderick “Rod” Keller scours the social media pages of people he hates, snatches the photographs of their children or anything else he can grab and then feeds it to his master, Tony Ortega.

Keller describes himself as, “Irresponsible publisher, vision of destruction and mental bully.” He also claims to be a senior reporter, which he is not. All he writes is blogs for Tony Ortega when Ortega doesn’t have enough trash to post or when he is traveling to Israel to collect from his in-laws – Ortega is unemployed and lives off of his wife’s salary.

But that’s not all. Keller’s wife, Laura Keller aka TheLadyMay, was arrested for criminal trespassing and theft. She also likes to advertise her personal kinky sexual preferences about “homemade sex videos”.

Laura Keller post on Reddit as TheLady May

Perhaps Keller should get his own house in order instead of being a scavenger for Tony Ortega, and that includes paying his rent on time.

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