Tony Ortega’s latest target


ony Ortega found a new enemy this week in Aziz Ansari, Saturday Night Live’s latest host. Apparently Ansari’s frank and heartfelt defense of religion in his opening monologue rubbed Tony Ortega the wrong way and prompted him to repost yet another bigoted tweet accusing Ansari of being a poster boy for his religious tolerance of Scientology.

This is a cruel attempt at restructuring the narrative to support what Tony Ortega has long believed; namely that any word in support of religious faith is an unpardonable act of treason against his anti-religion crusade.

Fortunately, however, hateful voices like Ortega for all their loud-mouth moaning are and continue to remain a clear minority on this country, yet his highly inflammatory posts do incite hatred and violence. And let’s not forget Arielle Silverstein’s mockery of the Prophet Muhammad and hate for religion.

It’s worth remembering that while the hateful like Tony Ortega will exist in every generation and though they may use their bully pulpit to advance their malevolent agenda a majority of thoughtful, clear-minded people will always put tolerance first.

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