Tony Ortega’s Misogynist Tweet Spree

Well it’s been a busy 24 hours for Tony Ortega’s Twitter. In what we’ve come to see as the classic Ortega ‘riding the coat-tails’ strategy, Tony seems to be trying to cash in on what scant little buzz Leah Remini’s show can still generate these days to try and hawk his self-published (self-plagiarized?) blog book. We’re tempted to call it a bald-faced money grab, but this is Tony Ortega we are talking about here — this is merely par for the course.

Among his barrage of late night tweets, Ortega sounds off about numerous topics ranging from taking shots at the LAPD to fat-shaming celebrities. The irony of both of these hot takes beggars belief.

Too lazy? You haven’t worked a real job in years, you blog from your basement Tony (Then cut and paste said blog into homemade book filled with your recycled ideas. And as to fat shaming… You’re well advised to take a look in the mirror before commenting on anyone’s looks Tony. Or maybe it’s just easy for you because, she is a woman after all.

And, of course, no recent Twittering spree of Tony Ortega’s would be complete without his latest stardate update. Has Tony found a new obsession? Perhaps worshipping celebrity is losing its fascination for Ortega, so he’s making the move to stars? From the figurative to the literal, I guess.

He can’t resist taking one last swipe at Scientology celebrities, tweeting” “Scientology Rule #1: that celebrities get to break all the rules.”

Can’t you just feel the jealousy seething off screen? It’s getting old. Isn’t the dying Tony Ortega blog where all the green-eyed, tempter tantrums get thrown? Or are you so insecure you need to live micro-blog your every boring thought for that instant gratification of a like or two?

I think we all know the answer there…

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