Tony Ortega’s ‘Optimal’ Online Troll Environment May Face Extinction

Tony Ortega

Ever the hysterical anti-religion troll, Tony Ortega has – up to now – found a welcoming social media environment from which to foment his hate-filled conspiracy theories.

Darker corners of Social Media platforms, like Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed, have long provided an environment where, once any accusation has been made, it is automatically and uncritically presumed to be true. Even to attempt to argue the position of “I don’t know – I wasn’t there” is to suggest that you are violating the accuser and victimizing them all over again.

It has been within this toxic Social Media environment, that Tony Ortega’s shameful business of creating legions of hysterical anti-religion goons has flourished.

But as we pointed out yesterday in our story about Twitter’s announced crackdown on peddlers of false and deceptive theories like Tony Ortega, all that may be about to change.

This would mean nothing short of a nightmare scenario for an opportunist like Ortega who has for too long been given a free pass to exploit Twitter’s loopholes — from hiring armies of a fake users to boost his stats, to inciting his followers to engage in real world ‘groundswells of hate, to knowingly and willfully spreading false conspiracy theories in order to confuse and mislead the public.

Ortega’s brand of Twitter fascism currently runs this way:  anyone who questions one of Tony’s accusation is guilty of the crime himself, and he is committing that crime anew against anyone who was victimized in the past.

Absolutely no rational or reasonable discourse is allowed, either within the confines of Tony’s Twitter feed or in the feedback section of his hate-blog. All accusations are assumed true. All other explanations or evidence are false. And if you try and question any of it, Tony himself will ban you.

Honestly, to find another environment similar to this one you’d have to look back to the Nazi tribunals or the Salem Witch trials!

Such has been the way of things in Tony Ortega’s optimum troll environment – where ideology and emotionally manipulative tribalism rules, and reason and consideration are banished.

Until now.

With Twitter now joining the fight, soon double-dealing sham artists like Tony Ortega may find the comfortably optimized troll environments they’ve been exploiting for their selfish mercenary ends are facing extinction.

We, on the other hand, are going nowhere and will be here to keep you posted on these developments as they occur.

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