Tony Ortega’s Priorities

This has been an interesting month for Tony Ortega-watchers. From the isolated confines of his homemade blog, what started out as a story of an angry old man furiously scribbling his hateful rhetoric as a hobby has morphed over the years into that of an angry unemployed man, furiously scribbling his hateful rhetoric as substitute for having a career at this point.

This month Tony has treated his readers to some blistering exposés. Like the one where he rants and raves about John Travolta volunteering as a pilot, bringing much needed supplies to victims of hurricane Dorian. Or the one where he goes off on Nancy Cartwright for her charitable contributions.

If you’ve ever wondered about the kind of person Tony Ortega is, look at what angers him. If his recent posts are anything, the answer to that question appears to be charity and volunteering, while he does nothing to help people in need.

But equally as interesting is what doesn’t seem to bother Tony Ortega. Like making money off the backs of desperate human beings and exploited homeless children.

If Tony Ortega is to be remembered for anything it will surely be for tireless efforts to defend and protect Backpage’s unquestionable right to make billions from modern-day sex slavery.

Telling, too, is how during his many unhinged pro-Backpage rants, Tony Ortega would exclude words like “child sex trafficking”, preferring instead the sanitized feel of his personally selected propagandistic term “underage prostitutes”.   He doesn’t want you to think about trafficking side, he doesn’t want you to think of the child abuse side. Instead, the coward Tony Ortega seeks to reframe the victims as ambitious sex workers who ‘activists’ are discriminating against because of their ages.

The simple fact of the matter is labeling children who were being bough sold on Backpage as “underage prostitutes” is nothing short of Tony Ortega’s attempt to devalue the crime of trafficking and exploiting them. Full stop.

Will Tony Ortega ever see his own biased hypocrisy when it comes to Backpage? Not as long as there are those who are giving to charity and volunteering to help hurricane victims, apparently. Tony Ortega has his priorities after all.

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