Tony Ortega’s Raw Deal

Way back when Tony Ortegas bosses in Phoenix were dreaming about shredding and burning all the evidence implicating them in the global sex-for-profit scandal that was starting to spiral so out of control they were once again at risk of going to prison, a deal was struck.

Tony Ortega was promised that as long as he toed the party line and played nice, hed be rewarded with an executive assignment as chief editor at a far more lucrative and prestigiousrag than the lowly” Village Voice.

Tragically for Tony, he soon discovered that this so-called lucrative and prestigiousrag wasnt even a real rag, but an online news website called The Raw Story, essentially the tabloid answer to something like Breitbart,

On his own blog to this very day, Tony Ortega refuses to answer any questions about his sordid and disgusting history with New Times Media — which was later renamed Village Voice Media in a vain and unsuccessful attempt to wish away the seemingly neverending story of Backpage sex trafficking.

When that didnt work, they renamed it again, this time to Voice Media Group, which also — big surprise — didnt have any effect in convincing anyone that it wasnt the same company anymore or that they had repented and changed their ways.

Will Tony Ortega ever step forward and come clean with the real raw story? Don’t hold your breath. If theres one thing Tony Ortega has no tolerance for whatsoever, its dissent in the ranks. If you want to be part of the Ortega hate movement and allowed to post comments on their blogs and forums, you absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, question him, his motives, his actions, or anything at all that could potentially catch him up or force him to actually tell the truth.

It simply is not done. It cannot be done. Thus far, all who have tried have gotten themselves permanently banned from their blogs and forums. This is Ortega’s brand of journalism — shouting out carefully constructed lies; shouting down all who would disagree.

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