Tony Ortega’s Self Defeating Game

With the possible exception of lying, bragging and sponging off the resources of others more fortunate than himself, there are very few things most people would agree Tony Ortega excels at.

However, in addition to the above, there is one skill that Tony Ortega has honed to a great degree over the course of his sham of a career — the man knows how to scapegoat.

Tony Ortega has always been, after all, a fear-mongering propagandist at heart. As all propagandists know, in order to succeed in conning the masses into believing false narratives and invented lies one must first master the dark art of scapegoating.

The dictionary defines scapegoating as being,“the practice of singling out a person or group for unmerited blame and consequent negative treatment.”

Of course, by its very definition scapegoating may be conducted by individuals against individuals, individuals against groups, groups against individuals, and groups against groups — or in Tony Ortega’s case: all of the above.

But Ortega’s tendency to try and repopularize scapegoating via his shabby social media channels can lead to dangerous consequences for both online communities and society as a whole.

Often times chronic failures like Tony Ortega are unwilling, or unable, to face up to what a pathetic mess they have made of their lives, careers and personal relationships. Unwilling to see themselves for what they are, narcissists like Ortega never seem to have a shortage of ready-made scapegoats on hand when they need someone to blame for their problems.

For example, one of Tony Ortega’s most common “go-to scapegoats” over the years has been people of religious faith, with particular attention to minority religions like Scientology.

As someone who claims to be the expert on all things Scientology it is a little ironic that Tony has so very little interaction with actual members of this group he has chosen to so narrow-mindedly scapegoat.

Could it be because by refusing meaningful dialogue with anyone who doesn’t think about the world the way he does, he keeps himself from running any risk of awakening to the realization that these people are not nearly like the distorted image of them he wants you to believe?

Indeed it is, because this is the critical Achilles’ heel of ‘scapegoating propagandists’ like Ortega — and in the end it is a self-defeating game.

By seeking to eliminate a deeper, nuanced understanding of those they would malign to their audiences as monsters they diminish their own understanding to the point of irrelevant absurdity.

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